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Department of Labor

Federal and State Wage-Hour Laws

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State and federal labor laws generally require accurate and tedious record keeping for all "non-exempt" employees regarding a variety of work issues, including hours worked, mandated lunch periods and breaks taken by employees. Employers can find it difficult, time-consuming and burdensome to comply with these laws and sometimes find themselves at a disadvantage when responding to class action lawsuits and audits conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor and/or state administrative law enforcement agencies. 

ECONZ Wireless now offers its ECONZ Timecard, a mobile phone application from which employees log time, attendance and job information via a mobile time sheet directly from their wireless phones. With new location based services (LBS) capabilities, including Smart Fencing technology, ECONZ Timecard also provides employers with legally mandated documentation that mobile employees are within or outside specific locations when they log their work time and take lunches and break periods in accordance with the law.

The California Supreme Court, in the case of Murphy v. Kenneth Cole, recently confirmed the existence of a three-year statute of limitations regarding violations of California's wage-hour laws, making it important that employers with mobile work forces take steps to ensure not only that the hours worked by their mobile employees are accurately recorded, but also that they can produce, in any legal proceeding, actual records setting forth the hours worked by, and meal and rest periods taken by, such employees.

According to Santa Ana, Calif.-based Michael Procopio, a veteran attorney specializing in labor and employment law, documenting rest and lunch periods, as well as actual hours worked by mobile employees, is a formidable challenge confronting employers today.

Procopio states, "When it comes to record keeping, the burden is on employers to document both the hours worked by their employees and the lunches or breaks taken by them."

Procopio adds that having employees sign general waivers to release employers from paying for work done during meal or break times as well as during overtime periods is not acceptable under the law.

"Employers throughout California -- and even those based in other states who have employees performing work in the state -- are governed by California's wage-hour laws, which are among the strictest in the country," says Procopio. He adds that both federal and state record keeping statutes have required documentation of hours worked for many years, and these agencies have stepped up enforcement efforts. 

Most employers have traditionally complied with legal requirements using time clocks and sign-in/sign-out sheets. While these procedures have sufficed in situations where employees work at fixed locations throughout the workday (for example, shop workers, assembly line workers or office workers where supervisors monitored their whereabouts), they have failed in workplace settings involving mobile employees such as drivers, home healthcare employees, service technicians, cable television installation workers, construction workers, etc. With Econz  tracking and LBS capabilities, including Smart Fencing, our ECONZ Timecard mobile phone solution makes it possible for employers of mobile workers to get into compliance or remain compliant and, therefore, reduce or eliminate their liability.

ECONZ Timecard is a two-part Web-based software product that enables mobile professionals to log clock-in times, break times, meal periods, job categories and clock-out times in addition to accessing past and present time sheet information, allowing for automated time keeping and payroll transactions. ECONZ Timecard also helps administrators view the status and locations of their mobile employees at any time for general supervision purposes, accurate budgeting and customer service issues.

ECONZ Timecard Smart Fencing technology makes it possible for workforce managers to set up location-based parameters for work-related or break-related time periods. With the parameters in place, managers view and document in real time or after the fact whether employees are where they need to be when clocking in and out.

Econz Wireless Mobile Timecard Attendance for Your Industry
At Econz Wireless, We have a range of specialized products to suit all your mobile workforce management requirements.
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How does it work?
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timecard is the mobile timesheet software solution that enables mobile employees to log time, attendance and job information using Standard Cell Phones, Smart Phones or Tablets.

timecard consists of:
Cell phone software that enables mobile workers to log clocking in/out, tasks, sub-tasks, cost codes, lunch period, breaks and custom fields.
Simple web based software that enables ‘live timesheet’ viewing of mobile worker status, both past and present.
Messaging capabilities which allows messages to be sent from the web interface to individual or groups of workers in the field

Ability for a supervisor/team leader to clock team members in and out from one device


Management is able to view jobs, tasks, sub-tasks, cost codes, mileage, breaks and location of mobile workers.


Timecard offers GPS Tracking and is available on All Wireless Carriers!

dot Econz integrates into over 100 Accounting and Payroll packages
dot Timecard GPS is cost effective , easy to set up and requires no contracts to sign

Timecard is ideal for companies where time and attendance tracking is helpful for ensuring job completion and maintaining accurate records of working hours and job types. Building Contractors, Home Healthcare, Security Guards, Distribution, Utilities, Services and Manufacturing companies all benefit by using Econz Timecard. Please refer to “Your Industry” at top of page for more information on how companies in your industry use Timecard. ...more

30 day money back guarantee! ...more

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EService is a wireless job dispatch and work order management solution for mobile field service companies .

Simple web based work order dispatch software

Wireless software that enables a field service team to receive and respond to customer work orders

Eservice integrates into most 3rd party accounting packages

Eservice offers GPS Tracking and is Available on all Wireless Carriers!

GPS Tracking (Location, Movement, Speed, Idle Time, etc.)

Over 14 Reports (Time, Attendance, Parts and Inventory, etc.)

Custom and Editable Fields (Work Order Entries)

Econz integrates into over 100 Accounting and Payroll packages
Eservice is cost effective , easy to use and requires no contracts to sign

EService is used by field service companies such as Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning (HVAC), Electrical Contractors, IT Service/Repair and healthcare. Please refer to “Your industry” at top of page for more information on how companies in your industry use Eservice....more

30 day money back guarantee! ...more

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Timecard Lite is our timecard GPS application without the time and attendance reports. Companies that are looking for just strictly GPS tracking than Timecard Lite would be the product of choice. Timecard Lite's GPS Tracking is available on Standard Cell Phones, BlackBerry, Sonim, Apple iOS, Androids and Tablets

Timecard Lite offers GPS Tracking information:

•  Location

•  Speed

•  Mileage

•  GPS Smart Fence Technology

•  Bread Crumb Trails

•  Speed Triggers

•  Idle Time Triggers

Timecard Lite GPS Tracking is available on Standard Cell Phones, BlackBerry, Sonim, Apple iOS, Androids and Tablets. Please go to our web page to see more information on Timecard Lite and what it can do for your company. Learn More

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