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Mobile Time Card and GPS Tracking Software that Helps Manage Mobile Employees by using Cell Phones, Smart Phones and Tablets
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timecard is the mobile timesheet software solution that enables mobile employees to log time, attendance and job information, remotely via their cell phones or Smart Phone devices.

timecard consists of:
Cell phone software that enables mobile workers to log clocking in, break, task type and clocking out information.
Simple web based software that enables ‘live timesheet’ viewing of mobile worker status, both past and present.
Messaging capabilities which allows messages to be sent from the web interface to individual or groups of workers in the field

Ability for a supervisor/team leader to clock team members in and out from one device


Timecard now offers GPS Tracking and is available on All Wireless Carriers!

dot Econz integrates into over 100 Accounting and Payroll packages
dot Timecard is cost effective, at $12.99 per device per month. *$15 per device setup fee due at activation
dot 30 day money back guarantee! ...more

Timecard is ideal for companies where time and attendance tracking is useful for ensuring job completion and maintaining accurate records of working hours and job types e.g. accountants, lawyers, consultants, cleaners, building contractors, security guards …more

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EService is a wireless job dispatch and work order management solution for mobile field service companies. Call us at 866-573-2669

Simple web based work order dispatch software

Wireless software that enables a field service team to receive and respond to customer work orders

Eservice integrates into most 3rd party accounting packages

Eservice offers GPS Tracking and is Available on all Wireless Carriers!

GPS Tracking (Location, Movement, Speed, Idle Time, etc.)

Over 14 Reports (Time, Attendance, Parts and Inventory, etc.)

Custom and Editable Fields (Work Order Entries)

Econz integrates into over 100 Accounting and Payroll packages
EService is cost effective at $29.99 per device per month...*additional $25 per device set up fee, due at activation. 
30 day money back guarantee! ...more
EService is used by field service companies e.g. plumbing, heating, air conditioning (HVAC), electrical contractors, IT service/repair and healthcare ...more
Call us today 866-573-2669
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